Bike Fit Technology

Revolutions in Fitness uses the latest technology to get the data we need to thoroughly understand your biomechanics. Read below to learn more about some of the tools we use.

Dartfish Motion Capture System

Dartfish Motion Capture and gebioMized pressure mapping

Dartfish Motion Capture and gebioMized pressure mapping

Dartfish 2-D Video Motion Capture Systems is a multi-camera based system that offers dynamic athlete feedback during and after the fitting; for instance, to provide a graphic if one knee flares out to the side during the pedal stroke. Our background in sports medicine helps us understand the source of eccentric knee flare, whether it stems from the knee, the foot, the hip, or somewhere else. This system helps us provide suggestions about technique, in addition to bike fit. 

GebioMized Pressure Technology

GebioMized (GEE-be-oh-MYZ-ed) is a German pressure sensor system that provides a real-time 3-D map of all three contact points on the bike (saddle, footbed, and handlebars).

GebioMized helps us minimize painful pressure points and gives us invaluable feedback on shoes, cleats, and even saddle height.

Retül 3D Bike Fit System

Retül Sensor

Retül Sensor

The Retül 3-D Bike Fit System is a state-of-the-art 3-D motion capture system that collects dynamic biomechanical measurements of every moving body angle with sub-millimeter accuracy. It is the only bike fit system that allows the rider to be measured while pedaling under force.While you pedal, the Retül system gathers data from eight key anatomical points in your riding position. 

Using the data, Retül is able to accurately profile your existing angles and quantitatively map out the ideal angles and precise adjustments they are trying to achieve with your bike fit. 

Purely Custom Fit Bike

Our Purely Custom Size Fit Bike is used to easily document a rider's position by describing the position of the handlebars and saddle relative to the bottom bracket, as well as measuring the reach and stack of a frame. This position reference information may be used to translate a fit position from the Fit Bike to other stock or custom bikes. Click HERE to learn more about the Fit Bike from Purely Custom.


Hammer Trainer

The CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer is a trainer that allows for simulation of a wide variety of terrain, as well as intricate measurements of velocity and resistance. With the Hammer Trainer, we can also fit a wider variety of bikes, including quick release bikes that do not allow for a through-axle. Click HERE to learn more about the CycleOps Hammer Trainer.

Along with these tools, we also use traditional tools such as plumb bobs, protractors, levels, and tape measures, as they also provide useful information.

Using the Data

We don't just have the equipment - we understand how to interpret the data. Besides certification for just about every bike fit system available, our professional cycling analysts have training in sports medicine and years of clinical and personal cycling experience.

Using the latest technology, the data we gather, and our clinical experience, we can accurately profile your existing bike and body angles and quantitatively determine the optimized new geometry to help you realize your cycling goals.