Swim Stroke Analysis

Our Swim Analysis gives you a valuable tool to improve your performance in the water. The Swim Analysis uses a multi-angle HD video camera to capture your swim stroke in the water. Utilizing and analyzing this video can effectively improve your technique to gain efficiency and speed. You will leave with videos of your swim stroke.

swim analysis.PNG

Swim Stroke Analysis (Onsite) includes:  

  • Swim stroke analysis - A HD video will record a baseline of your current swimming techniques using two separate views in the water.

  • Video analysis with PT - Your physical therapist will analyze and provide feedback

  • Videos will be shared via Coaches Eye link.

  • Approximately 20-30 minutes

If you are looking for a FULLY Comprehensive evaluation then check out our Swim Performance Program.

Testimonial Spotlight

This was super helpful. My coach has talked to me about my elbow/arm drop on whichever side I'm not breathing at the time, and I even took the Karlin Pipes clinic over the summer, but it's hard to visualize when it feels like I'm keeping my elbow up -- and of course if I try to keep my head down to look at it, I'm not replicating the rotation I guess caused by my breathing. So seeing how far down things are in the water is really interesting and useful. And the different angles are good, too, the way you have both the side and front/back views.” — Cindy

“Just got back from the pool. Thanks to my new and improved catch, my threshold pace improved (10%) from 1:35-ish/100 in 1:30-ish. I just need 5 or 6 more seconds to get where I want to be. I think I can get at least half of that through improved ankle mobility, hence a more efficient kick. Your tips are paying off!” — Matt Fitzgerald, author and endurance athlete