Available Sessions

Physical Therapy - 1 hour


Our physical therapy sessions involve a full hour one-on-one with one of our licensed and highly qualified physical therapists. Click here to learn how we're different from other clinics.

Times: Monday through Saturday, with varying availabilities for each therapist. Click here to meet our team!

Bike Fit Services - 1-3 hours

Our bike fits are divided up into three levels of varying intensity, calibrated to what you need. Brief descriptions of each are below, and if you would like to learn more, click here for more in-depth details about each type.

  • LEVEL 1: Typically one hour and less involved than Level 2 and Level 3 fits. The Level 1 fits that we provide are the following: Quick Fits, Size Fits, Saddle Evaluations, and Follow-Up Fits.

  • LEVEL 2: Typically two hours long. Also known as our Biodynamic Bike Fit, the Level 2 fit is what we recommend for those who are getting their road, mountain, or Time Trial bike fitted for the first time, or who have not had their bike fitted in over a year. NOTE: Multiple bikes can be fitted during a Level 2 Fit if discussed beforehand. Expect an extra hour added per additional bike.

  • LEVEL 3: Our level 3 fit is typically three hours long, and is also known as our Physical Therapy Fit. The PT Fit starts with one hour of physical therapy assessment from one of our trained Physical Therapists, followed by a Level 2 fit guided by the PT's instructions. Availability for this level of fit is very limited, so prepare to book at least a month in advance.

Performance Optimization Programs - 1-3 Hours

At Revolutions in Fitness, we’ve combined the most important aspects of what we do as physical therapists - injury prevention - with what we all want: improved performance. Performance Optimization Programs, or POPs, are a goal-oriented way for people to take ownership of their health while improving upon their overall performance.

The POP includes an activity-specific movement assessment, as well as treatment based on these findings. You will then receive home exercises and treatments that you can do to make changes in your body in order to promote overall performance gains. POPs can be for a variety of activities, including running, swimming, cycling, dance, yoga, music, and many others. Depending on the activity being assessed and the intensity needed, the length of the appointment will either be one, two, or three hours. Click here to learn more!