Performance Optimization Programs

At Revolutions in Fitness, we’ve combined the most important aspects of what we do as physical therapists - injury prevention - with what we all want: improved performance. Performance Optimization Programs, or POPs, are a goal-oriented way for people to take ownership of their health while improving upon their overall performance.


The POP includes an activity-specific movement assessment, as well as treatment based on these findings. You will then receive home exercises and treatments that you can do to make changes in your body in order to promote overall performance gains. POPs can be for a variety of activities, including running, swimming, cycling, dance, yoga, basketball, music, and many others. Depending on the activity being assessed and the intensity needed, the length of the appointment will either be one, two, or three hours.

Listed below are several of the types of POPs that we offer - if you would like to do a POP for an activity that is not listed below, let us know!

Functional Movement Assessment POP

The Functional Movement Assessment POP includes a scored SFMA/FMS screening and a brief overview of single movements. An SFMA, or Selective Functional Movement Assessment, is an assessment that identifies dysfunctional movement patterns; an FMS (Functional Movement System) screening is a set of movement tests to determine your ranges of motion. This appointment will take approximately one hour. Click HERE to learn more about SFMA and FMS screenings!

Running POP

Although it is often thought of as a simple activity, running is one of the more complex activities that our bodies can perform. Running requires complex movement patterns across multiple joints and muscles in our bodies. These movement patterns are performed in all three planes of motion, with each joint and muscle's movement dependent on the muscles and joints above and below it.

It is estimated that 65% of all runners experience running-related injuries each year. When you run with specific strength and flexibility, you can run with optimal speed and efficiency while avoiding recurrent injuries, pain and discomfort. Since pain & symptoms in one area can be influenced by the muscles and joints above and below that area, the cause of the symptom could lie in a different area than the pain.

Revolutions in Fitness takes a multi-dimensional approach to the treatment and prevention of running injuries. Our running analysis takes one hour and includes:

  • Biomechanical Screen – looking at movement patterns to determine how your anatomical structure, muscle flexibility & strength may influence the way you run

  • Running video analysis – assessing factors such as foot strike, knee angle, stride length, leg extension, shoulder position, arm swing, and posture to identify inefficiencies & potential issues.

Our analysis sets the framework for a customized program that includes the appropriate "hands on" treatment as well as individual stretching and strengthening exercises that you can do at home.

Cycling POP

The Cycling Optimization Analysis is a holistic evaluation of your cycling needs to improve your comfort and performance. This two hour meeting combines our detailed musculoskeletal evaluation, bike fit, and coaching services. We assess your status on all of these dimensions and address the factors that will make the biggest difference towards your overall goals.


Cycling Optimization includes an analysis of:

  • Cycling-specific strength in both your extremity and core muscle groups

  • Cycling-specific flexibility

  • Computrainer SpinScan pedal efficiency & ankle mechanics assessment

  • Contact point evaluation using gebioMized pressure sensor technology

  • Spine & posture assessment

  • Vs. power analysis, power-to-weight assessment, and estimated VO2 ml/kg (VO2max)

  • Cycling biomechanics

Depending on your needs, background knowledge, and experience level, the Optimization Evaluation may also include:

  • Training plan assessment

  • Nutrition & hydration assessment

  • Bike-handling skills/drills & balance exercises

It is common for clients to return for follow-up testing to measure their progress, and add to their plan as their initial goals are accomplished. We usually recommended that clients schedule at least one 1-hour follow-up appointments to complete implementation after their cycling POP.


  • Comprehensive assessment of your fitness, your biomechanical health, and your geometry by a using state of the art technology

  • Prioritized strategy to improve your experience on the bicycle through sports medical intervention, bike fit, or coaching services

  • Tips and adjustments to begin implementation

A recreational cyclist's optimization analysis shows that his power-to-weight ratio and pedaling mechanics are slowing him down on hills. In a Cycling POP, we make specific recommendations for training, nutrition, and hydration, and show him pedaling drills to improve his mechanics, all of which will help improve his climbing speed.

Swim POP

Are you a triathlete wanting to improve your freestyle for your next race, or a high school/collegiate swimmer looking to prevent injury during the swim season? Our two hour Swim POP will help you identify your problem areas including weaknesses, inflexibility, and postural imbalances through our biomechanical evaluation, as well as evaluate your stroke through a multi-angle camera set-up in our pool.

You'll learn dry-land exercises to address your musculoskeletal deficits, form drills, and will leave with videos of your swim stroke to share with your coaches.


Swimming Optimization includes an analysis of:

  • Swim stroke analysis - A HD video will record a baseline of your current swimming techniques using two separate views in the water. Determine how your anatomical structure, muscle flexibility and strength may influence the way you swim.

  • Video analysis with PT - Your physical therapist will provide feedback and recommendations during and after swim analysis.

  • Biomechanical evaluation - Dry-land musculoskeletal evaluation.

  • Corrective exercises, hands-on treatment and suggested form drills.

  • Videos will be shared via Coaches Eye link.

If you are looking for just the video evaluation and movement recommendations then check out our Swim Stroke Analysis.


The Triathlon Performance Optimization Program is an evaluation of your cycling, swimming, and running needs to improve your comfort and performance. This three hour meeting combines our detailed musculoskeletal evaluation, bike fit, and coaching services. We assess your status on all of these dimensions and address the factors and limiters that will make the biggest difference towards your overall goals and prevent future injury.


Example: A triathlete's optimization analysis determines that her tight hamstrings and weak core are keeping her from being as aerodynamic as she might otherwise be. She is also experiencing back and knee pain. In a Tri POP, we show her cycling specific exercises and drills to help her improve her flexibility, strengthen her core, alleviate her knee and back pain, and achieve a more aerodynamic position on the bike. We also make some changes to her bike fit to decrease the stress on her painful knee.