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Back pain issues? Join Mark McMahon, DPT, OMT, CFMT as he takes us through the basics of this exercise, which we affectionately call "The Ballerina."

Physical Therapy Check Up

  • Have a couple of things you still want to be able to do without being limited?

  • Did you get better but did not get back ALL the function you wanted?

  • Sometimes just a visit or 2 can make a HUGE difference in restarting your forward momentum!!

  • Don't lose more function -> Gain some instead! Stop in for a Physical Therapy Check Up and check out our new digs!!

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“I can write, I can type…I can button my shirt.” - Woody Powell

Back in 2012, Woody Powell developed severe pain in his right arm, and gradually lost the use of his right hand. After a year of visiting different specialists, he was referred to Mark McMahon at Revolutions in Fitness. Mark gave him the tools to not only regain the use of his right arm, but to maintain that improvement through exercises he can do while traveling. Watch the video to hear from Woody about his experience with Revolutions in Fitness!