Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?

We provide physical therapy, bike fitting, Physical Therapy fits, and Performance Optimization Programs. Click HERE to learn more.

How do I book an appointment online?

Either download the MindBody app on the iOS or Android app store, or go to the MindBody website at the following link:

A full guide on how to set up your account and book appointments can be found HERE.

How are your Physical Therapy services different from others? 

Here's what sets our physical therapy services apart from those offered by others:

  • Each session provides 1 HOUR of one-on-one attention and personalized care

  • No Physical Therapy aides or assistants

  • Highly qualified and educated staff with advanced Manual Therapy Certifications

  • In-depth knowledge of athletes, and their performance needs and goals

  • Skilled in treating the most chronic and stubborn injuries even when other professionals have failed to help

  • Injury taping techniques as seen in the Olympics and Tour de France

  • Trusted by physicians and other Physical Therapists as second opinion/consultant Physical Therapists

Does treatment include use of techniques such as Active Release Therapy (ART)?  What is Active Release Therapy?

Active Release Therapy, or ART, is one of many forms of soft tissue mobilization that makes use of the client's active muscle contraction (also called “functional mobilization”). We use functional mobilization as a normal part of our physical therapy treatments (i.e., the therapist calls for the client's active contraction while also manipulating the muscle or soft tissue directly).  

This is a powerful technique because it's safe (you decide how hard to work), and it optimally mobilizes layers of tissue which can become stuck together after injury/surgery.  Most importantly, functional mobilization also directly trains proprioception, which is the ability to tell where your body is in space, because the brain gets far more feedback from active work than it would from passive massage. This in turn enables the body to reinforce positive physical changes derived from treatment via more normalized physical movements.

What does the bike fitting process involve?

  • On-bike analysis – posture, pedaling efficiency, seat, cleat, and handle bar positions (2-hour biodynamic bike fits include use of Retül’s 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit system)

  • Off-bike analysis – flexibility, extremity and core strength, balance, leg length

  • Bike adjustments – matching the bicycle to your body and goals

  • Exercise instruction – for improvements in cycling efficiency and personal health

As part of the bike fit appointment, the possibility of follow-up sessions to help you achieve your goals will be discussed.  The objectives of a bike fit follow-up appointment are to:

  • Recheck and progress your exercises

  • Get physical therapy work to address tight areas

  • Work on proper pedal mechanics on the bike

  • Get further bicycle readjustments based on physical changes (e.g., increased flexibility and strength) that diminish injury as the largest consideration, allowing for more efficient on-bicycle positioning

How is your bike fitting process different from that of other bike fitters?

While there are other physical therapists who provide some bike fitting assistance, Revolutions in Fitness is the only physical therapy clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides comprehensive bike fitting services.  Other bike fitters may offer comprehensiveness in the sense of positioning a client on the bike and making adjustments based on ideal measurements, but they are not able to offer off-bike analysis of the rider’s musculoskeletal condition and provide treatment plans to address related problem areas.  You and your bike are an integrated system that must work together well in order to optimize your comfort and improve your performance.  We at Revolutions In Fitness offer an approach to bike fitting that recognizes this important relationship.

Can bike position impact pain felt on and off the bike?

Yes.  Even a millimeter adjustment to a given bike specification can dramatically affect your comfort.  For example, if your seat is too high, your knees can hyperextend, causing pain. In this case, lowering the seat would tend to relieve that condition.  Similarly, a rider with insufficient core strength might suffer from back pain if the distance between saddle and handlebars is too wide.  The objective of our bike fit process is to identify your optimal bike adjustments relative to your existing musculoskeletal health, while also addressing any pain and muscle imbalances in order to improve comfort, reduce pain, and improve performance immediately, with continued improvements over time as musculoskeletal health improves. 

How does Retül’s 3d Bike Fit system work?

Retül fitting offers the world's most comprehensive dynamic 3D motion capture fit system. It is the only system that allows the rider to be measured while pedaling under force. When combined with a CompuTrainer for power analysis, the result is the ultimate hyper-accurate fit experience. The technology is so effective that USA Triathlon has chosen it as its official fit system.

This system is a state-of-the-art 3D motion capture system designed specifically for collecting measurements of every moving body angle with sub-millimeter accuracy!  While you pedal, the Retül system gathers data from eight key anatomical points in your riding position.  Using that data, we are able to accurately profile your existing angles and quantitatively map out the ideal angles for your bike fit, given your personal goals, needs, health and flexibility. Read more about Retül on their website.

What other tools besides Retül’s 3D Bike Fit system do you use as part of your bike fit process?

Along with Retül and the physical therapy tools and methods we use to evaluate your musculoskeletal condition, our biodynamic bike fit process can include use of the following equipment:

Can I have more than one bike fitted at the same time?

Yes.  We require an additional hour for each additional bike the client would like to have fitted during a given bike fit appointment (for example, one bike requires a 2-hour fitting session, and each additional bike will add an hour). This will vary depending on the types of bikes you would like to get fitted, especially if Triathalon and Time Trial bikes are involved.

If my fit isn't working for me, can I come in and get it readjusted?

Yes - we offer a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee, meaning that if the adjustment we did is not working for you, you can request to come in within 30 days for a complimentary follow-up session. Additionally, saddles, footbeds, and stems may be returned within this timeframe.
Note: if the follow-up session lasts more than one hour, there may be additional fees.

Can I use one bike measurements to set up another bike?

This depends on several factors. If the seats on both bikes are the same, then the numbers will be close – sometimes within 1-2 millimeters. Each saddle and handlebar has its own contours, wear patterns and where you feel comfortable settling into them.  Thus, the more similar the components are, the more accurate the transfer will be.  If you are working with different saddles, bars, and/or bike models, then the numbers (seat height, fore/aft, drop, etc.) will be approximate guidelines for the next bike and will certainly be better than leaving the bike unfitted. When possible, get a fit for your second or third bike (see above information on fitting multiple bikes). If that is not a possibility, you should transfer the numbers from your fit and make subtle adjustments based on feel.

What do I bring to my bike fit appointment?

Please bring the bike(s) that you are getting fitted.  Arrive dressed in riding apparel (e.g., helmet, cycling shoes, cycling shorts, and gloves). Additionally, bring any accessory parts that came with your bike or that will potentially be involved in the fit (saddles and stems in particular). To maximize your bike fit session time, please ensure cycling shoe cleat hardware is clean and free of debris in the event that cleat position adjustments are needed.

Which pedals are best for knee problems?

Shimano’s Road Racing SPD-SL and Road Touring SPD have the widest platform and many people like them!  Speedplay’s Zero pedals are also a good choice for knee problems due to their adjustable float capability (0-15o), but most people do not need this and the small pedal platform is not as stable as that offered by Shimano.  Keo is also offers a nice pedal, but provide neither the platform nor the float option that Shimano and Speedplay do.

Something came up and I need to cancel my appointment - are there any fees related to cancelling appointments?

As long as you let us know more than 48 hours in advance of your cancellation, you will not be charged. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged $75 per hour scheduled, and cancellations day-of will be charged the full cost of the appointment. If you think you may need to cancel your appointment, let us know as soon as possible so we can work together to find a time that works better for you.

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on the service. Click here to learn more.

Where are you located, and what are your hours?

We have two locations: one in San Jose and one in Palo Alto. For further information on our locations and hours, click here.

Do you provide discounts to clients who refer their friends to you for services such as bike fits?

Our 50/50 Referral System works in the following way: If you refer a client to us and give them a 50/50 card with your name in the "Referred By" line, they can bring that card in and receive $50 off their first appointment. After their first appointment, you will receive $50 off of your next appointment. 50/50 cards can be requested either at the front desk or from your Physical Therapist or bike fitter.

Are you a provider in my healthcare network?  I’d like to get coverage for the cost of my appointment with you.

Our physical therapy clinic is currently out of network in order to allow for our appointments to be a full hour without assistants or aides. We ask that clients verify our status as a network provider and any reimbursement requirements directly with their insurer.

I need an invoice for reimbursement purposes – how do I get one?

Invoices for services rendered are provided upon client request.  Email us at or call (650) 260-4743 and we will be happy to help!

I need a diagnostic code or prescription in order to get my reimbursement – can you help me with this?

We can provide diagnosis codes upon request after a physical therapy evaluation. If you would like your diagnostic code(s) or prescription information noted on your invoice, simply request it over email, phone, or in person.

Please feel free to forward related prescription/physician referral documentation or information either via fax (408-273-6564) or e-mail

Can I get a reimbursement for my bike fit (assuming Revolutions In Fitness is covered by my healthcare providers)?

Many clients have received reimbursement for their Level 3 (Physical Therapy Fit) appointments. Level 3 Fit services involve physical therapy and are invoiced as such. Your bike and your body are one unit, and musculoskeletal assessment and appropriate treatment, along with bike adjustments dictated by your specific physical attributes, are key to healing existing injuries, avoiding new ones, and correcting inherent muscle weaknesses. Level 1 and Level 2 bike fits cannot be covered by insurance, as they do not involve physical therapy assessment.

What about flexible spending accounts – are your services reimbursable by my FSA or HSA?

Yes! FSAs and HSAs routinely provide reimbursement for our services.

How can I contact you?
Phone: (650) 260-4743
Fax: (408) 273-6564