Level 3 Fit

The Level 3 fit, also known as our Physical Therapy Fit, combines our world class Physical Therapy and Biodynamic Bike Fit services. The PT Fit provides an integrated and personalized evaluation of your biomechanics, your bicycle geometry, and the way the two work together. This is a medically recognized service that can be billed to insurance. 

The complete package includes 3 hours of hands-on treatment over 2 segments:
PART 1 = One hour on and off the bike for cycling-specific Physical Therapy evaluation and intervention. 
PART 2 = A complete Biodynamic Bike Fit informed by your physical therapy observed during part 1, plus follow-up exercises that respond to your progress. This fit will utilize our Dartfish motion capture and our GebioMized pressure sensor system.

The Physical Therapy Fit includes:

  • In-depth, integrated treatment of your unique biomechanics, injuries, and bicycle fit geometry

  • A cycling-specific Physical Therapy Evaluation to identify the causes of your pain

  • Cycling-specific Physical Therapy exercises for healing and rehabilitation

  • Biodynamic Bike Fit based on your specific biomechanical needs for optimal health and recovery

  • Greater efficiency, higher power output, improved comfort, injury prevention, and more enjoyment on your bike

  • Complimentary Theraband or foam roller if needed for your home program

  • Medically coded invoice that you can send to your Health Savings Account or insurance for reimbursement


Click HERE for more information about our Physical Therapy sessions, and HERE for details about our Biodynamic Bike Fit.

Pricing information for the Level 3 Fit can be found HERE.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you have had a level 2 or 3 fit with us in the past 30 days and are finding that you are still having difficulty getting comfortable on your bike, let us know! We want to make sure that your fit is right for you, and we will provide a complimentary one-hour follow-up if your recent fit with us isn't working out for you.Call or email to schedule a follow-up within 30 days of your appointment.