Cycling Services

When your body and bike work as a team, you can spend hours in the saddle without pain and generate more speed with less effort.

Revolutions in Fitness Professionals
Like many dedicated bike fitters, Revolutions in Fitness uses state-of-the-art analytic bike fit equipment. But what makes us truly exceptional is the people interpreting the data. The bike fitters at Revolutions in Fitness are licensed sports medicine professionals who have a deep understanding of physiology and biomechanics. Our bike fit credentials include Retül, F.I.S.T., SICI, Moen/Bike PT, Lockwood, and others. We've been dedicated to riding bikes and serving cyclists for decades. Some notable bike fit and physical therapy clients of Revolutions in Fitness include:

  • Garmin Pro Cycling Team

  • TIBCO Pro Women's Cycling

  • San Francisco AIDS/Lifecycle Ride

  • Team in Training

State of the Art Technology
We use the latest technology to get the analytic data we need to understand your biomechanics. Technology lets us evaluate different positions effectively. 

Our current arsenal of toys and tools includes gebioMized pressure sensing system, Retül 3-D Bike Fit System, Dartfish Video Motion Capture System, and CompuTrainer SpinScan, among other systems. Read more about our collection of bike fit technology here!

Your Goals
Revolutions in Fitness professionals are not just expert cycling analysts, we are also expert listeners. Whether you are a pro racer with world class ambition, or a recreational rider who wants to go 100 miles without hurting, we pay attention to what matters most to you. Different cyclists have different goals. We listen carefully so we can create the custom fit that works.

We offer several fit packages to meet our clients' individual needs and goals. Different options take 1 to 3 hours to complete (see links at right). We recommend the Biodynamic Bike Fit for most of our cycling clients.


Every bike fit includes:

  • Meeting with licensed medical and bike fit professional

  • Bike and body measurements and analysis

  • Optimized bike fit geometry for YOUR goals andmusculoskeletal issues

  • Bike fit geometry specification sheet to take home

  • An understanding of why changes were made to your bike and why your new geometry is right for you

  • Greater efficiency, higher power output, improved comfort, injury prevention, and MORE FUN on your bike

The Bottom Line
No other fitters in the Bay Area can offer our combination of advanced anatomical understanding and cycling expertise. We listen to you and observe your body closely, so we can position you to reach your dreams.

Not sure what you need? Check out our Cycling Services Chart for reference.

Bike Fit Check Up

We locate your limiters to unlock your full cycling potential by increasing comfort while raising your performance.

  • Meet with a licensed bike fit professional who will provide a baseline analysis for foot and saddle pressure along with identifying your individual functional movement needs

  • Approximately 1 hour and only $95.

Click HERE to read more about our Bike Fit Check Up!

Level 1

Our Level 1 Fit is typically one hour long, and are lower intensity than Level 2 and Level 3 fits. The Level 1 that we provide are the following:

  • 2d (Quick Fit): Is a one hour fit that helps you get in a better position for increased comfort and efficiency. This fit is perfect for the commuter or beginner cyclist who has never had a bike fit. This fit also helps with riders who need minor adjustments to their bike fit as their bodies change due to injury or increased health.

  • “Help Me Buy a Bike” Fit: A fit specifically geared around finding the correct numbers and measurements to help you buy the right size bike that fits you and your needs.

  • Saddle Optimization: A fit geared around finding the right saddle for your bike. We provide a variety of Specialized brand saddles in different sizes.

  • Follow-Up Fit: A fit that is intended for anyone who is having any discomfort from recent adjustments, or for people who have had problems crop up after their fit.

Click HERE to read more about each type of Level 1 Fit!


Our Level 2 fits are typically two hours long. Our Biodynamic Bike Fit is what we recommend for those who are getting their road, mountain, or Time Trial bike fitted for the first time, or who have not had their bike fitted in over a year.

Our “Help Me Buy a Custom Bike” are for those making the leap to get a custom bike made specifically for your individualized biomechanical needs, measurements and numbers.

Click HERE to learn more about the Level 2 services.


The Level 3 fit, also known as our Physical Therapy Fit, combines our Physical Therapy and Biodynamic Bike Fit services. The PT Fit provides an integrated and personalized evaluation of your biomechanics, your bicycle geometry, and the way the two work together. This is a medically recognized service that can be billed to insurance. This fit typically takes three hours to complete. Click HERE to learn more!

Pricing information for the above levels of fits can be found HERE.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you have had a level 2 or 3 fit with us in the past 30 days and are finding that you are still having difficulty getting comfortable on your bike, let us know! We want to make sure that your fit is right for you, and we will provide a complimentary one-hour follow-up if your recent fit with us isn't working out for you.Call or email to schedule a follow-up within 30 days of your appointment.