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Therapeutic Taping


Revolutions In Fitness
offers advanced
therapeutic taping.

These taping techniques have been seen on several athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as well as in The Tour de France.

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RockTape is a new taping product functionally similar to Kinesio® tape.
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What is RockTape?— by Revolutions In Fitness Associate Frank Fletcher rhythmicnature.com

While Kinesio Tape focuses on therapy and rehab markets, the primary market for RockTape is performance athletics. The tape itself is cotton based and backed with an adhesive said to be less irritating on the skin. The major difference between RockTape/Kinesio Tape (henceforth abbreviated to R-Tape and K-Tape, respectively) and traditional athletic tape is the way that they stretch.

Taping with traditional Athletic Tape, is a bracing method, utilizing an inelastic medium to inhibit the movement of a joint or group of muscles. K-Taping and now R-Taping are new techniques utilizing elasticity similar to that of skin. K-Tape is advertised to have a stretch length of 130% to 140% of its original length. Meanwhile, R-Tape is said to stretch to 190% of its original length.

The purpose of both tapes is to lift the skin and the surface fascia with it. This theoretically promotes blood flow in and out of the deep fascia as well as innervating the underlying musculature.