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Retül fitting offers the world's most comprehensive dynamic 3D motion capture fit system. It is the only system that allows the rider to be measured while pedaling under force. When combined with a CompuTrainer for power analysis, the result is the ultimate hyper-accurate fit experience. The technology is so impressive that USA Triathlon has chosen it, as its official fit system.

The Retül/3-D Bike Fit System has already been chosen by Slipstream Garmin-Cervélo Pro Cycling Team; Lance Armstrong’s legendary coach, Chris Carmichael; and pro athletes such as Ironman World Champions Craig Alexander and Lisa Bentley, who rave about the better bike fits they’ve had using Retül.

Revolutions In Fitness fitting Garmin-Cervélo Pro Cycling team

About the Retül 3-D Bike Fit System:
Retül optimizes your personal biomechanics within the context of your personal goals, whether they are:

  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Injury Prevention

The Retül system is a state-of-the-art 3-D motion capture system designed specifically for collecting measurements of every moving body angle-- with sub-millimeter accuracy! 

While you pedal, the Retül system gathers data from eight key anatomical points in your riding position.  Using the data, we are able to accurately profile your existing angles and quantitatively map out the ideal angles we are tying to achieve with your bike fit, given your personal goals, needs, health and flexibility. As with all the bike-fit services we offer, a bike-fit with the Retül/3-D Bike Fit System includes a detailed body evaluation to assess your current flexibility, joint range of motion, core strength, stiffness, and more.  This detailed musculoskeletal evaluation will optimize your bike adjustments relative to your physical health and your specific needs.  There are no generalizations that apply when truly fitting a bike to a rider!  This process also tells us what stretches, strengthening, or core work you may need to get healthier on the bike.

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"The Retul bike fit was amazing because it was more than just a bike fit. Curtis used his expertise as a physical therapist to address my weaknesses and then he combined his expertise as a cyclist and a biomechanical specialist to fit me on my bike to provide a position of power but also a position of ‘ability’ according to my body’s limitations.  So far, after one very conservative change, I am pushing more power than in 2008 and it is just the off season.  I would highly recommend a Retul bike fit."

Lisa Bentley Pro Triathlete 2008, 7 x IM world champion.