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Our Philosophy

A Revolutionary Philosophy, Out of a Unique Perspective

Your health is our primary concern and you deserve our best. We pride ourselves in being the highest quality trained staff. With a team of four clinicians we have over 65 years of experience, including two doctorate level clinicians, three with advanced manual therapy certifications, three strength and conditioning specialists, and several additional certifications between us. We continually learn all we can to take the very best care of you because we care about you and your health, and take that responsibility very seriously. Thank you for your trust in us!

Our goal is to promote and facilitate optimal health and well being. We are committed to helping our clients regain and maintain an active lifestyle as well as increase performance and decrease recovery time.

Specific, Personally-Tailored Plans
Research shows that the human body’s response to stimulus is very specific.  This means that in order to be a successful physical therapist, bike-fitter and coach we have to understand each client’s very specific needs.  Only the right amount of the right kind of exercise and training will lead to the optimal results you seek.

Taking Advantage of Bio-feedback
Our bodies give us feedback about our recovery and training.  They can tell us how much work to do, how often to do an exercise, and how hard to push ourselves. To obtain maximal results without over-taxing our bodies or re-injuring ourselves (or as an athlete says, without over-training), we must learn to recognize and respond to what our bodies are saying.  Integrating these internal biofeedback markers with external feedback like power, heart rate, pedaling efficiency and video feedback is one of our focuses that you will find very helpful!

Healthier Individuals, Stronger Athletes
We feel it is important to spend time educating clients about the principles behind their recovery and training.  In helping you understand the correct times and places for recovery, rest and work, and in teaching you how to use the messages from your body, our goal is to help you become a healthier individual as well as a stronger athlete.