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Include the Revolutions in Fitness Professionals in your upcoming event!
We have lectured internationally on sports medicine and biomechanics. Our team of experts is available to present at Promotional Events, Expos, Fundraisers, Club / Team meetings, Corporate & Fitness Lectures.]

Sample topics include:
– Youth Sports Injury Prevention & Management
-- Biomechanics of Cycling
-- Identifying Your Primary Limiters

Come hear practical information and learn how to be a faster, healthier athlete!

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We are active in leading edge sports medicine research and design, and Past lecture venues:

  • UCSF Mini-Medical School
  • International Cyclefit Symposium
  • Interbike
  • Kaiser Physical Therapy residency program
  • Sports Basement
  • REI
  • Silicon Valley Triathlon Club Meetings
  • Palo Alto Bicycles
  • Decathlon Club
  • IDEA
  • Aids Life Cycle (ALC)
  • Team In Training (TNT) 
  • Courtside Club
  • Menlo Pilates