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eSoles®Revolutionize Your Feet

eSoles® 3D TruCapture® technology is a ground breaking foot alignment system. We examine foot alignment in more detail than any other technology. Most eSoles customers report more power, watts or efficiency with ESoles!

eSoles® footbeds are created using our state of the art foot alignment technology. 3D TruCapture® and our patented bio-dynamic air pillow scan your foot only after it is aligned in 4 different ways. If the foot is not aligned with this level of detail, the resulting footbed will not align the foot properly and performance will be compromised.

Experience a difference in the quality of your work, play and sports by aligning your feet and body with eSoles custom footbeds.

Your feet are the foundation that align or misalign the whole body. eSoles® footbeds turn back the clock, re-align your feet, and help you feel better and perform better.

  • Work all day on your feet without discomfort.
  • Play a full round of golf feeling great start to finish.
  • Hike, run, cycle, ski or walk with less foot, knee or back pain.
  • Perform better in any competitive or recreational sport.
  • Shop at the mall all day and feel great afterwards.
  • Reduce or eliminate existing pain in the feet, knees and back.

The new eFit® Moduler Footbeds by eSoles

Revolutions In Fitness now offers the new eFit® Custom Modular Footbed

Purchase your complete eFit system or Bontrager® upgrade kit today. eSoles® custom footbeds are now available in a modular system available for purchase with or without a scan by the eSoles® 3D TruCapture® system! These revolutionary footbeds are designed by using a mathematical analysis of the 3D shapes and sizes of actual feet from a foot scan database consisting of over 60,000 Olympians, professional athletes and the general public.

Years of research and development have been conducted by eSoles, world-class biomechanics specialists, the US Olympic committee and athletes in a myriad of disciplines, culminating in the most advanced custom modular footbeds found anywhere.

eFit® Custom Modular Footbeds are a combination of three components, featuring specific size and shape variations to provide a custom fit:

  • Advanced Design Insole
  • Interchangeable arch system
  • Metatarsal pads

eFit® Custom Modular Footbeds are available in three different categories for the sports or activities that you participate in the most.

If you decide that you would benefit from an eSoles custom orthotic or eFit® Custom Modular Footbeds, we will provide a detailed foot evaluation, and work with eSoles® to produce a footbed just for you, your sport, and your shoe.

For complete information about eSoles® orthotics and footbeds, the technology behind them, and how they might benefit you, check out their website:

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"Curtis knows how a cyclist's legs should work, he was able to quickly figure out what was wrong with my set-up, and he was the first person I had ever gone to who looked at my feet and shoes - that was where the problems lay. Last weekend I completed a 24hour mountain bike relay race. 6 x 12 mile laps spaced over 24 hours. No knee pain whatsoever. Thank you Curtis!"— Marcus Gosling (37), Road and Mountain biker

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