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Coaching & Training — Revolutionize Your Game Plan

Curtis coaching

For cyclists, we offer fully customized coaching and personal training programs featuring Training Peaks. For athletes of all kinds, we offer personal training plans. All training plans are written with a focus on whole-body health, injury prevention, and utilization of biofeedback from you, the athlete.

Note: Due to the high degree of personalization, these services are offered to a limited number of athletes.

Most of our athletes are using some form of a Power Meter to measure wattage (strength and power output on the bike) so we can objectively track progression and intensity. We place the highest priority in helping you accomplish your goals whether that is to complete a century, comfortable recreational riding, or getting that race performance upgrade


  • 2-4 hours of consultation (Initial interview and basic bike fit)*
  • 4 weeks of program development/progression
  • Phone/Internet consultation
  • Customized weekly training plans based on athlete schedule, objectives, progress
    and biofeedback
  • Minimum 6-month athlete commitment

Depending on client’s needs and background knowledge, in-person consultation time may include testing or evaluation of: cycling-specific exercises, drills, pedaling mechanics, bike techniques, and more.

Revolutions in Fitness Service Rates
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Revolutions In Fitness Partner Coaches
Thomas Chappel — www.coachthomas.com
Frank Fletcher — www.rhythmicnature.com


"This was the first year that I've ever been able to complete all 5 passes of the Death Ride (128 miles 16,000 ft climbing) and it was because of Curtis. I always rode a lot, but without any real plan or structure. Curtis’ training plans gave me the structure and discipline I needed to meet my goal. Curtis always made a plan that worked with my schedule and lifestyle. They were fun and I saw results. Thanks Curtis!"— Sarah Shen