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Physical Therapy Fit

The Revolutions in Fitness Physical Therapy Fit combines our world class Physical Therapy and Biodynamic Bike Fit services. The PT Fit provides an integrated and very personalized evaluation of your biomechanics, your bicycle geometry, and the way the two work together. This is a medically recognized service that can be billed to insurance.

The complete package includes 3 hours of hands-on treatment over 2 sessions:

SESSION 1 = One hour on and off the bike for cycling-specific Physical Therapy evaluation and intervention.

Interventions could include:

  • Changes to your bike on the spot

  • Hands-on Physical Therapy for soft tissue and joint mobilization

  • Cycling specific, personalized exercises (with videos of you
    performing the correct technique)

  • Strategies to reduce or eliminate pain

More about Revolutions in Fitness Physical Therapy Services.

SESSION 2 = This two hour session includes a complete Biodynamic Bike Fit informed by your physical therapy observed during Session 1, plus follow-up exercises that respond to your progress. We have advanced technology like ReTül/ Dartfish motion capture and the GebioMized pressure sensor system, and we have unparalleled sports medicine and bike fit expertise to make effective use of it.

The Physical Therapy Fit provides:

  • In-depth, integrated treatment of your unique biomechanics,
    injuries, and bicycle fit geometry

  • Cycling-specific Physical Therapy Evaluation to identify the causes of your pain

  • Physical Therapy Exercises for healing and rehabilitation

  • Biodynamic Bike Fit based on your specific biomechanical needs for optimal health and recovery

  • Greater efficiency, higher power output, improved comfort,
    injury prevention, and MORE FUN on your bike

  • Theraband or Foam roller if needed for your home program

  • Medically coded invoice that you can send to your Health Savings Account or insurance for reimbursement
  • Bike Fit Overview
  • Technology
  • Biodynamic Bike Fit
  • Quick Fit
  • Size Fit
  • Physical Therapy Fit
  • Cycling Optimization Analysis
  • Saddle Evaluation
      "Revolution In Fitness ... was crucial in my recovery and rehabilitation after breaking my hand in 2006, and they have continued to help me fine-tune my bike fits and my technique ...." Amber Rais, Professional Cyclist,
    USA National Team Member
      82-year old SF AIDS/ Lifecycle Rider Jinny Morelock
        We make a videotape of YOU doing the PT exercises we recommend for you to take home.

    Curtis used his expertise as a physical therapist to address my weaknesses and then he combined
    his expertise as a cyclist and a biomechanical specialist to fit me on my bike to provide a position of
    power but also a position of 'ability' according to my body's limitations.
    - Lisa Bentley, Professional Triathlete, 11x Ironman Champion

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