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GebioMized pressure mapping system - a regular part of our

Bike Fit

GebioMized (GEE-be-oh-MYZ-ed) is a German pressure mapping system that provides a real-time 3-D map of all three contact points on the bike, including the saddle, the footbed, and handlebars. GebioMized helps us minimize painful pressure points and gives us invaluable feedback on shoes, cleats, and even saddle height.

More Bicycle Fit Technology at Revolutions in Fitness

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Revolutions in Fitness believes in a personal, integrated approach to healthy, active living for beginning athletes up to professional cyclists & triathletes.

Best Trained. Best Services.

Our experts help you accomplish your health and fitness goals, attain your optimal levels of performance, and heal or restore function after an injury. Our clients range from Olympians and pro athletes to active people of all ages.

Key services we provide: Physical Therapy, Custom Orthotics, Bike Fitting, Physical Therapy Fit, Running & Cycling Efficiency Analysis and Coaching

Meeting your Athlethic Goals

Health – We heal and strengthen your body with professionally licensed, hands-on care providing recovery from injuries, eliminating aches and pains in your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and more.

Fitness – We can help you maximize your comfort, speed and efficiencies at every fitness level.

Performance– We are trusted by the pros. Our clients include; Garmin-Cervélo team, Chris Lieto, Becky Lavelle, to name a few... but you do not need to be an Olympian or Professional to get our respect. Whatever sport or game you play - we can improve your health and biomechanics so you can accomplish your goals!  

Most Qualified Practitioners

We are the most elite, trained, and experienced practitioners:

  • All of our Physical Therapists hold Doctorate degrees and have a combined 65 years of experience

  • Individual specializations include Strength & Conditioning, and Advanced Manual Therapy

  • Our Bike Fitter / Personal Trainer is a licensed medical Athletic Trainer with 30-plus years as an Olympic and cycling coach.

The bottom line -

We provide the highest quality of support to our clients, and we really care about our customers and their individual needs.

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Upcoming Events

May 22 - Run Performance and Injury Prevention Program. Coming soon

Contact us for the latest information: Email or call 650-260-4743.

TIBCO wins US Nationals

Proud Sponsor of TIBCO Professional Women's Cycling

Team TIBCO, 2012 US National Road Race Champions, chose Revolutions in Fitness for Bike Fit and Physiotherapy sponsorship .

These awesome women visited our studio for cycling position optimization in February. Photo gallery from our fit/ physio camp.

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PT Fit  

PT Fit — Revolutionize Your Comfort & Performance

Our Physical Therapy Fit is the perfect combination of physical therapy and a professional bike fit. Read More.

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